Saturday, November 06, 2004

Scheduling Conflicts Addressed

MLB Reduces Number of Common Home Dates for Washington, Baltimore Clubs
By Jorge Arangure Jr.
The Washington Post
November 6, 2004

Final changes were made to the Baltimore Orioles' and new Washington franchise's schedule released on Friday so the teams would share only 25 home dates. Originally, the schedule had the two teams sharing more than 30 home dates.

"When you add another layer to the scheduling," said Katy Feeney, baseball's senior vice president of scheduling and club relations, "it complicates the overall process. The schedule had been done prior to knowing the Expos were potentially going to play in Washington. There are still more conflicts than you normally have in two team markets."

In order to reduce the number of common home dates, a July 8-10 series the Washington franchise was going to host against the Philadelphia Phillies was moved to Philadelphia. A three-game set to end the year from Sept. 31-Oct. 2 at Philadelphia has been moved to Washington. And a pair of Orioles-Yankees three-game series were flipped as well.

Feeney said it's likely the two teams would share fewer home dates next season if both teams petition to be considered a two-team market such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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