Thursday, November 11, 2004

Cropp goes the weasel

By Tom Knott
The Washington Times

Linda W. Cropp has decided to be a woman of the people, if not the leading populist of the D.C. Council.

She also has some Elmer Gantry in her, only she is clutching the ballpark's fiscal impact report instead of a bible. She is preaching to the masses, talking of monies better spent elsewhere, making the case of the unfriendly confines on Half Street in Southeast Washington.

The at-large Democrat has a zillion ideas with the proposed ballpark, with each subject to change depending on which way the political wind is blowing.

One day Cropp is behind the mayor's ballpark site, the next day she trots out the previously dead RFK Stadium site and yesterday she found the necessary support to take a two-week powder after objecting to the publicly financed arrangement.

Washington, we have a problem.

Hers is the ever-shifting maneuvering that comes a Cropper.

Hold the printing of the season tickets, in other words.

We do not have a baseball team just yet. We have the rotating Cropp instead.

We have the concept of a team hanging in the balance and a mayor who would be pulling his hair out if he had any hair to pull out.

We have an "at-risk" baseball team and a politically depressed city slipping further into the abyss.

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