Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Randolph Confident About Job With Mets

By Lee Jenkins
The New York Times
October 26, 2004

Willie Randolph is still under contract with the Yankees, but while speaking yesterday about the possibility of managing the Mets, he used a couple of revealing personal pronouns.

Referring to the Mets as "we" and "us" on multiple occasions, Randolph, 50, sounded as if he expected to be the club's next manager. Asked about the team's talent level, he said, "It's hard to know what we'll need." On the veterans, he said, "They will step up and do a good job for us." And about the new general manager, Omar Minaya, he said, "I think we'll get on real fine together." Randolph even said that he had started to line up candidates for a coaching staff.

Randolph's optimism was striking, given that he has been interviewed without success for managerial positions about a dozen times. He can no longer remember the exact number. He was interviewed by the Mets in 2003, but he did not impress team officials, who gave the job to Art Howe.

A baseball executive who is close to the situation said yesterday that Randolph had had a very positive interview, would definitely be a finalist for the position and could be labeled as a leading candidate. But the executive also said that no decision had been reached and that one probably would not be made this week.

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