Monday, October 18, 2004

'Mutiny' splits Marlins' front office

By Mike Berardino
The Miami Sun Sentinel
Posted October 18 2004

BOSTON ยท Facing one of the most important offseasons in franchise history, the Marlins' front office has devolved into a tense environment of mistrust and disillusionment.

According to multiple industry sources, several top members of the scouting and player development staff are mulling over resignation in protest of what they consider the heavy-handed management style of Marlins President David Samson and General Manager Larry Beinfest.

At issue, according to sources, is Samson's insistence on finding out which member of the front office leaked information to a South Florida newspaper about a possible trade of third baseman Mike Lowell. The story broke Friday, and much of the weekend meetings at the New York offices of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria centered on that breach of information.

Further meetings have been scheduled for today in South Florida, and Samson has threatened to fire anyone believed to have leaked information. Samson also called the reporter and attempted without success to out the source.

"Someone's head is going to roll," said a source familiar with the situation. "Somebody is going to pay the price."

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