Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Baseball confident Expos' move to D.C. will be finalized

AP Sports Writer
October 26, 2004

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Negotiations with the Baltimore Orioles over the proposed move of the Montreal Expos to Washington have been slowed by the postseason, but baseball's No. 2 official said Tuesday that plans remain on track.

Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer, has been traveling for much of the month, slowing talks with Joe Foss, the Orioles' chief operating officer.

``The negotiations remain cordial,'' DuPuy said before Game 3 of the World Series. ``We had a discussion. We had agreement on most of the philosophical points. We had disagreement on a few of the points, and we continue to discuss points like rational human beings.''

For the move of the Expos to become final, it must be approved by baseball owners, considered a formality. In addition, the District of Columbia government must enact legislation providing $440 million in financing to refurbish RFK Stadium and build a new ballpark.

``We are very confident the District will get it done, the legislation will get passed, the rehab will occur to RFK, we'll open the season in Washington next year and return baseball to the nation's capital,'' he said.

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