Saturday, October 09, 2004

Attacks on baseball stun Evans

By Eric Fisher
The Washington Times
Oct. 10, 2004

Jack Evans, Ward 2 Democrat on the D.C. Council, thought once Major League Baseball cured its well-known intransigence and made a relocation decision on the Montreal Expos, the citywide angst over baseball would finally ebb.

He could not have been more wrong.

Since Major League Baseball announced 11 days ago that the Montreal Expos would move to the District, Mayor Anthony A. Williams and baseball supporters on the council like Evans have faced a surprising and unrelenting wave of attacks from all corners of the city and seemingly all possible demographic and ideological groups.

It has made Evans wonder aloud if the years of gritty work pursuing the Expos was really worth it.

"We finally get the team, and still nobody is happy. It's the most incredible thing," Evans said. "It's almost like I want to call [MLB commissioner] Bud Selig and tell him he can have his team back."

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