Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Boswell: "The District's Play at the Plate Is Going to Be Very Close"

By Thomas Boswell
The Washington Post
Wednesday, September 22, 2004; Page D01

This is definitely not the closest that Washington has come to getting a major league team to return to the District. In early 1974, Topps ran off baseball cards of 15 San Diego Padres, including Willie McCovey and Glenn Beckert, with their team designation as "Washington Nat'l Lea." Now that's close.

Also, things seemed pretty serious the day the late Jack Kent Cooke told his secretary to get the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates on the phone. "So, how much do you want for that team?" bellowed Cooke as I listened.

Once upon a time, the Houston Astros looked like a near-lock, too.

Nevertheless, the Expos are so close to coming to the District right now that, if you were Charlie Brown, you'd be absolutely, positively certain that, this time, you were going to kick that miserable football before Lucy could pull it away.At the moment, the Expos buzz is so loud you're lucky not to get knocked over by the volume.

"We believe we're down to the last inch in getting the [baseball] relocation committee to recommend the District as the home for the Expos in '05 [at Thursday's Executive Council meeting]," District Deputy Major Eric Price said yesterday.

"An 'inch' might be too close," said Bob DuPuy, baseball's second-highest-ranking official, "but discussions have been very productive [recently]."

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