Friday, August 20, 2004

VBSA, Baseball Club, Developer Huddle On Loudoun Stadium Plan

By Dusty Smith
Lessburg Today

Aug 20, 2004 -- Members of the Virginia Baseball Club LLC, the group that hopes to purchase the Montreal Expos if that team is moved to Loudoun County, met last night in a lengthy closed session with the Virginia Baseball Stadium Authority Board in preparation for what is expected to be “the” decision next week.

William L. “Bill” Collins, president of the VBC, Leonard S. “Hobie” Mitchel, who is president of the development group that would build the stadium and surrounding mixed use project envisioned, and Tom Farley, the VDOT's former Northern Virginia District Administrator who has been hired to help deal with transportation concerns, met with VBSA Executive Director Gabe Paul Jr. and VBSA board members to present tightly guarded plans for the development.

No decisions were announced following the closed session, but shortly beforehand, VBSA Chairman Keith Frederick said the decision was highly anticipated as early as next week. An announcement about the decision had been expected following a meeting among Major League Baseball earlier this week, but was not made. MLB has said there is no time table on the decision.

“We expect this thing to come down to a clear point on this in a week or so,” Frederick said. “I don’t know if there will be a formal announcement. They will certainly make their intention clear.”

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