Friday, August 20, 2004

Stop this baseball blathering and make a pitch

By Adrienne Washington
August 20, 2004

Over the background babble of his triplets playing in the kitchen, the fury and frustration in D.C. Council member Jack Evans' voice was loud and clear during a radio interview about Major League Baseball's incessant indecision on bringing baseball back to Washington.

And he was still fuming when I talked with him yesterday. "I don't know what else these guys want from me. ... What more have I got to do?" Mr. Evans said.

So exasperated is he with the team owners' incessant delays in finding a home for the hapless, homeless Montreal Expos that Mr. Evans uncharacteristically said, "Go ahead, quote me." You'll just have to imagine his scurrilous sentiments about "all this chicken-and-egg stuff."

"They keep saying we haven't built a stadium yet, and it's clear we're not going to do that," Mr. Evans said, until the baseball owners award the team to the District. "I've assured them every which way to Tuesday that we can do these things" they are concerned about, Mr. Evans said.

Mr. Evans was emphatic: Give us the team, and we'll give you a stadium.

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