Monday, August 23, 2004

Selig wants to make game global

No to players in Olympics; favors World Cup tourney
By Justice B. Hill /

CLEVELAND -- Commissioner Bud Selig declared dead any movement that would allow Major League Baseball players to take part in the Summer Olympics.

"We've talked a lot about it," said Selig, visiting Jacobs Field on Monday as part of his summerlong tour of baseball cities. "I don't really see it, because you can't stop a pennant race. Imagine now if I said, 'We're not gonna play today for 10 days.' It's not pragmatic."

He said he understood the interest in raising baseball's profile on a more global front, but Selig thought the concept of a soccer-like World Cup or some other international-like tourney might serve the interest of baseball and its fans best.

"I think a World Cup would be spectacular," Selig said. But anything that cut into the heart of the baseball's schedule would do baseball no real good, he said.

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