Thursday, July 22, 2004

Wash. Times: "Union says Expos will have new home"

By Eric Fisher
NOTE FROM MAURY - This article mirrors much of the article but I will post highlights that are of interest.
The meeting, according to union sources, centered on three leading elements, all of which have been assumed for weeks within baseball and sports industry sectors. First, the team will be in a new city next year. Second, a decision is expected by the Aug. 18-19 meetings of MLB owners in Philadelphia. Third, the Washington area remains the most likely relocation destination.
San Juan, Puerto Rico, one of the other bidding jurisdictions, is no longer being considered, said MLB commissioner Bud Selig. Other candidates like Portland, Ore., have begun to think about relocation options for other clubs after the Expos are moved.
Both jurisdictions are supplying baseball's relocation committee with detailed data such as construction and amortization schedules and prospective term sheets for a stadium deal.
Meanwhile, the Virginia Baseball Stadium Authority met last night in McLean, one of its last sessions if the commonwealth's long-running effort is not successful. The authority's ability to capture ballpark-related tax revenue to service construction bonds expires at the end of the year, but a selection in favor of the District next month would stop the authority much sooner.
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