Thursday, July 29, 2004

Major pain at Triple-A

While their cities flirt with big-league baseball, three minor-league franchises are stuck in limbo
By Nick Christensen
As Major League Baseball closes in on selecting a permanent home for the Montreal Expos, three Triple-A baseball franchises sit, watch, and wait to see if their futures are in another city.
Las Vegas, Norfolk, Va., and Portland, Ore., have each been saddled by the Expos drama, summed up by Portland general manager Jack Cain.
"I'm kind of frustrated," Cain said. "I think they're using both Las Vegas and Portland as pawns just to try and get more out of somebody out of the Washington, D.C., area."
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I can't speak for the other areas (Vegas and Norfolk), but in Portland, Jack and Mary Cain are pretty much Baseball Royality. Jack's doing Portland a huge favor by filling in as interim GM in a difficult situation with the PCL owning the team, and clear indications from the Oregon Stadium Campaign that they're going to continue to explore relocation and/or expansion - Maury