Friday, July 23, 2004

A's price to stay put may be in Oakland's ballpark

Report outlines revenue problems, says team owners would contribute $100M for stadium in Coliseum lot
By Paul T. Rosynsky, STAFF WRITER
The Oakland Tribune
OAKLAND -- Owners of the Oakland Athletics are willing to pony up as much as$100 million to build a new ballpark, but only at the Oakland Coliseum parking lot, according to a confidential team report. And if the site at the recently renamed McAfee Coliseum doesn't work out, owners appear to have ruled out relocating the team to the South Bay. Instead, they may sell the A's to others who would move the team out of the region, the report says.
Read the entire article here on the Oakland Tribune website.
Coming up with the rest of the funding will not be easy, and with places like Portland and Vegas in the wings there will be plenty of leveraging going on in Oakland. Still, while the A's aren't the Yankees in terms of profits, they still turn one. I could easily see Lewis Wolff's new one-year contract getting extended if there is considerable activity in the talks to enact funding to breach the funding gap - Maury