Friday, July 09, 2004

A's extend stadium search exec's contract

By Eric Young
The San Francisco Business Times
8:16 AM PDT Friday

Oakland A's executives said Thursday they have granted a one-year extension to the team vice president charged with finding a site for a new baseball stadium.

Lewis Wolff was hired by owners Steve Schott and Ken Hofmann in November 2003 to locate a site for a baseball-only park. He was on a month-to-month employment agreement, but the new extension means Wolff will be with the team until at least next baseball season.

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The A's continue to hope for a new stadium, but with options slim to none in Oakland, and with San Jose part of territorial rights listed within MLB's rules as "Giants Territory", options are running out. Meanwhile, Portland and Vegas may look to entice Schott and Hoffman to consider leaving the Bay Area after the Expos relocate. Voting for the relocation of the Expos might effect how territories are defined. The A's situation, is of course, completely different than Peter Aneglos' situation with the Orioles, and the possibility of MLB returning to DC, as site locations for the DC effort are outside Baltimore's territories. That may not stop the A's from trying to bring up the matter, however, should the Expos wind up in DC. -- Maury